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BlueCrow Capital was founded in 2010 and is controlled by the current management team, which structures and manages investment funds and provides consultancy services.

 The main activities include structuring and executing financing strategies for projects at different stages of development and monitoring and managing assets.

Our company is committed to a continuous learning strategy. We strive to cultivate best practices regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. This commitment is reflected in our investment policies and methodologies and in how we influence the companies and clients we work with.

BlueCrow Capital places a premium on a customer-focused approach. We are dedicated to comprehending specific needs and objectives to provide personalised solutions that align with diverse investment profiles and expectations.

Why BlueCrow Capital?


We favour the flexibility of being able to innovate in the projects we invest in and the services we offer


We value transmitting clear and appropriate information to the subsidiaries of the funds under management and to potential and current investors


We are committed daily to developing investment strategies to protect capital and minimise the mortality rate


Our solidity and integrity underpin all our strategic moves


Experience is a determining factor in anticipating market behaviour

Technical knowledge

The company's strategy is also defined by the sum of its knowledge and success over the past decade

Operating areas:

BlueCrow Capital adopts a diversification strategy, operating simultaneously in various innovative sectors, such as robotics, sustainable food, artificial intelligence and new technologies; this allows us to identify and develop new opportunities in emerging business areas.

Our History